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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Yeah, dead, nothing to see. Move along.

Oh while you're moving along, check out where I've been blogging and you can track the progress of a novel I'm working on!

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Oct 10, 2009 - Database Migration
My host has been doing some migrations of databases today in order to allow me to do some back end upgrades. An unfortunate side effect of this is that there was a bit of downtime today (if anybody noticed) and any changes that have been made to the database in the last 24 hours (ie: anybody posting something...) may have been lost. I don't think we lost much, but... you never know.

Anyway... Everything seems to have been settled, and I think I've re-directed every database access point tot he new location, however if anybody finds something still botched up, please point me int he right direction so I can hammer it into position!

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So... getting ready to start a new chapter. Trying, trying, to get back into a regular update pattern. Thanks to all those who have been patient with me, seeing if I can get back to once a week at the very least. In the mean time, here's what I want for dinner:

(inspired by some zany webcomic friends of mine on IRC)

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Okay... I'm usually the last person to get political, and really like to keep far far away from politics, but a good artist friend of mine, Elissa, draws a somewhat left leaning political webcomic: Girl vs. Robot, and I've enjoyed having a few friendly debates with her over the last few months. Well they decided to start having guest editorials on Sundays, and I volunteered for the first one (not sure how I got talked into that, but eh...)

Anyway, check it out my views on being an independent in a more and more politically divided society right here

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May 25, 2009 - My other project:
A while ago, an artist and I started working on a new comic. I write, he draws. (Much easier on me!) And the fruits of our labor is starting to come together. Drug Money is a comic that takes place in hell-hole'ish retail pharmacy with rude customers, ruder staff, and general craziness. It's going to update every Sunday evening if I can help it. Check it out! (And no, I'm not giving up on Roomies, I am still going to resurrect it, but I thought you guys might enjoy my other project)

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