Name: Beep Beep

Age: 2 Years

Based roughly off of: Cartman

Physical Description: Beep Beep is a combination of the head of a Kill bot, and a mechanical spider created by Mike. When active his optical sensor plate glows red, and he has a long antena. He may only be two feet tall from foot to antena tip, but he has quite a bit of power in those little metal limbs.

Biography: Beep Beep was originally Killbot00000100, he was the third of three triplet bots. Built by the same creator as Martoff, he is one of Martoff's many younger siblings. From birth he was programmed to hate any living thing, except his master, and his life goal is to make the streets run red with blood. However his dreams where cut quite short when his head was chopped off by chitake after he and his brothers decided it would be "fun" to shoot up the Roomie's House. Mike picked up the robot's head, and took him in as a pet, he attached Beep Beep's legs, set himself as Beep Beep's master, and turned on Beep Beep's language filter, because of it's nasty foul mouth. Since the Language Filter causes him to shout "BEEP!" instead of a long spew of cuss words, he has been affectionaly renamed by Mike to Beep Beep.

Future outlook: Beep Beep is Mike's new pet, and favorite toy. He's still a little spunky, and will take advantage of any programming loop holes to cause harm to anyone he can. He loathes being under Mike's control, but has no choice to do any of Mike's bidding. He will forever be lurking in the depths of Mike's lab, and will be grudgingly forced to help Mike whenever he's called.

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