Name: Captain Berk

Age: 37 cycles

Based roughly off of: Kirk

Physical Description: Berk is a Kramonian noble with copper skin and short tentacles. He is dressed in the blue uniform of the Kramonian Navy, and wears a large fancy captain emblem on his uniform signifying his rank.

Biography: Berk is a noble who grew up on Kramonia, the capitol planet of the Kramonian empire. The dreams of wealth and conquest pushed him to sign up for the Kramonia Navy, starting out as a small squad leader, he has worked his way up to being fleet captain of fleet 431. Although his career is marked with ineptitude and stupidity, he has managed to win a few battles, although at great loss and mainly due to sheer dumb luck. His family is also very influental in the Kramonian Senate, and keep him from ever being fired, no matter how stupid of mistakes he makes. His leaders have put him in charge of conquering earth, mainly to keep him out of the way while the empire handles a larger war with an alliance of lesser beings which poses the first serious threat to the empire in years. They hope he will keep busy dealing with the little planet Earth. For the last 9 cycles, Lieutenant Spork has served as his second in command, and has done most of the work with keeping them both alive.

Future outlook: While suffering a loss at the first Battle of Sol, Berk's fleet is building and preparing for a counter attack in the near future. Expect to see him and his alien friends off and on as they attempt to take control of earth.

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