Name: Bob

Age: 20

Based roughly off of: Everyone

Physical Description: Bob looks like a text book geek, he's not very tall, scrawny, with brown well groomed hair. He wears large glasses, and has a fairly large nose. He wears a white dress shirt, with a grey tie, brown dress pants, and black fancy shoes.

Biography: Bob grew up in Texas, with a normal childhood. He moved to Phoenix to get away from his somewhat backwards parents, and try to find a tech job. His clean cut looks, and good background made him a good lacky for Kip, who hired him personally to fill the position of a network administrator. Bob often times covers for Kip's short comings, and picks up a lot of slack in the IT department, but doesn't mind, as he enjoys his work, and is on fairly good standing with his boss.

Future outlook: Bob is a minor character who will mostly be found at work with Kip. However, often times Bob will follow Kip and Jim home from work and hang out with the two, especially when they play video games at Kip's house. Also whenever there is an event involving computers in the city, Bob will be the first one there.

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