Name: Chitake Tinake

Age: 32 years

Based roughly off of: A Pen and Paper RPG Character

Physical Description: Most of Chitake's Features are covered up by his dark ninja jump suit, this is inentional as he wishes to keep his looks consealed. He has long distinctly asian eyes that protrude from the small opening. Also visable, is a katana slung across his back, his blade always close by, just in case.

Biography: Chitake grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Son of the instructor of a Ninjitsu Dojo, it was asumed since birth that he would grow up in the ways of a ninja. At 4 years old his father began instructing Chitake in the family secrets of moving quickly, attacking silently, and general other cool ninja stuff. Whenever Chitake would get into trouble, his mother would punish him by making him clean the house and/or the Dojo using his ninja speed abilities, and Chitake got into trouble quite a lot. This has developed him into a super human cleaner, being able to use the training of a ninja with his mother's cleaning instructions, he can clean a messy room at inhuman speeds.
After reaching the age of 31, Chitake came to America in hopes of finding wealth and fame. Chitake, however, soon found there is not a very large market for assasins in the United States like he had hoped, and soon found himself broke and considering returning home a failure. Luckily, his training in Ninja Cleaning soon payed off, as he found a job as a janitor at a large local buisness. It was soon discovered he could do the work of an entire janitorial staff, and became the lead janitor, and recieves qutie a hefty pay for a janitor.
With his new job, he was able to afford decent housing, and found a room with Mike, Jim, and Martoff, where he happily stays.

Future outlook: While Chitake doesn't talk much, he will be around for a while and provide a fun ninja role that should provide a large amount of humor in the process. He's not the kind of ninja to get himself killed any time soon either.

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