Name: General Crismon

Age: 53

Based roughly off of: The first picture of a general I found

Physical Description: General Crismon is definaly not a youngster, his receeding grey hair is definatly a sign that he is the oldest character so far. He wears a regulation Airforce Dress Uniform, with dark blue pants and jacket, as well as 2 stars on his shoulders, signifying his rank.

Biography: General Crismon was a military brat, with a father who likewise was a general. He graduated from USAFA 'with honors'. He has served in the armed forces since he was 20, and has slowly worked up the ranks to a general. He spends most of his time looking over free lancers employed by the air force, when he is not out checking up on his subjects, he has a desk job in the Pentagon. He has a long standing hatred for cats, and loves 'accidents' where new weapons 'accidentally' kill cats that just 'happen' to be there.

Future outlook: General Crismon is the closest thing to a boss for Mike, and will show up from time to time to check out his latest work, and help test it out.

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