Name: Jason

Age: 26

Based roughly off of: Matt991

Physical Description: Jason is a tall, thin, yet muscular man. He has very thin hair that likes to fall over his face, and a somewhat long pointed nose. He wears a dark orange-red shirt, with dark pants, and brown shoes.

Biography: Jason grew up in Los Angeles with a fairly normal childhood. Like Jim, he too is a Certafied Pharmacy Technician, and works with him at WalGrey's. Like many LA'ers, he moved to Phoenix looking for cheaper housing prices, and better paying jobs. While he's not a big fan of the hot summers, he likes the work, and enjoys working at WalGrey's.

Future outlook: Jason is a minor character that will appear from time to time at work with Jim. On ocasion they do hang out together, and every now and then Jason will follow Kip and Jim home from work, typically to play video games at Kip's house.

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