Name: Jim

Age: 21

Based roughly off of: The Author

Physical Description: Jim is a large person, with a fair share of 'girth' in the mid section. He however does not mind his physical attributes and likes the title of 'big guy'. He has short, black hair, and well shaved facial hair. He wears a solid maroon shirt, with kahki cargo shorts, and brown sneakers.

Biography: Jim is a native to Phoenix, he grew up in a fairly normal home, with normal parents, and fairly normal friends. He and Mike have been best friends nearly his whole life. While he has always considered Mike to be slightly... crazy, they get along and have a lot of fun together. Originally Jim wanted to work with computers, however shortly after the e-commerce crash, when he tried to locate a job in the industry, he realized you pretty much have to either have a degree from MIT or be a relative of the owner to get a decent job in with computers these days.
Slightly discouraged, Jim worked on his second goal, to become a Pharmacist. After a year long course from a tech school, and after passing his national exam, Jim got his Pharmacy Technician Certification, and was able to quickly and easily secure a job working for WalGrey's as a data entry technician. While it is mostly a glorified data entry position, reading scanned doctor's perscriptions, and entering the drug they want into the system so the automated filling center can fill the order, it pays fairly well, and will help pay for further schooling. However that is several years down the road, and right now Jim would rather concentrate on the here and now, and not in the far distant future.
Jim has also developed a large crush on his neighbor, Emma. He hopes to persue her in the future, however a small lack of self confidence often finds Jim running away from Emma whenever she apears around him.

Future outlook: Jim is the closest thing there is to a main character, and will continue to be so for quite some time, especially since he is roughly based off of me.

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