Name: Kip

Age: 22

Based roughly off of: Protoform-X

Physical Description: Kip is tall and thin, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a slightly large nose. He wears a dark shirt, with brown cargo pants, and black fancy shoes.

Biography: Kip grew up in Michigan, with a fairly normal childhood. Growing up on the internet like many children these days, he knew Jim through an online game they both enjoyed playing together. When his father was transfered to Phoenix through work, Kip and Mike eventually became good friends. Kip is a computer genious, able to fix just about any computer problem you can throw at him. He dropped out of highschool at 16, got a GED instead, and then went about getting every single computer certification he could get his hands on. With an impressive list of certifications a page long, he quickly secured himself a job working at WalGrey's IT department. After a few strokes of luck, and some well played strategy, Kip managed to work his way up the corporate ladder, and is the head of IT for the WalGrey's mail order center. He now considers himself the God of IT.
Outside of his love for computers, Kip has a few more carnal interests that he likes to induldge. Mostly he likes just blowing random stuff up, or lighting fires. A pyro since childhood, he starts to twitch if he hasn't lit something on fire each day. Also, he is fairly open that he has an almost unhealthy obsession with porn, and he sometimes uses his seat of power to induldge this obsession. Jim tries to ignore that side of Kip however.
After a year of working in WalGrey's IT, and still living with his parents, he decided it was time to get his own place. He was the first character to move into the area the roomies live. After the house next to his went up for sale a few months after he moved in (possibly because of him scaring them away), he convinced Jim and Mike to move in next door to him so they could hang out at any time of the day. It also has become very convienent for Jim, who carpools with Kip, to have a co-worker right next door.

Future outlook: Kip and Mike work together and are great friends, and as such, Kip will be a fairly frequent addition to the comic. We however will not delve very deep into Kip's pr0n obsessions. (I am trying to keep this PG rated people!)

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