Name: Martoff the Destroyer

Age: 4 years

Based roughly off of: Nobody

Physical Description: Martoff is a tall, humanoidish (is that a word? It is now!) robot, his face is dominated by two large red optical receptors, and a mouth latch that seems to be permanetly stuck in a frown. His metal body is fairly smooth, instead of hands, he bears two grabbers, that look like a combination of a claw and a wrench.

Biography: Martoff was created by a mad scientist in a secret labratory in the middle of the Arizonan Desert. Unfortanetly for Martoff's "Dad", Martoff's new experimental personality program was flawed. Instead of being a death mongering killer robot, Martoff came out as a peace loving, tree hugging, friendly robot that didn't want to kill anything. While this upset his father, wanting to achieve world domination and all, he kept martoff around to fill in tasks like helping around the lab, building other robots, and general labor type chores.
Martoff quickly discovered while painting one of his father's creations that he really enjoyed art, and ever since then, when he is not working or resting, you often find a paint brush in the grip of his grabber. After three years of working for his father, Martoff finally decided he was tired of supporting an evil mad scientist of a father, and started looking for a way to get his own place. An art scout found him, and was immidiatly impressed by the quality of work from a robot, and offered him a contract. With this new supply of money, he moved out, and found a room with Jim and Mike via a web post by Mike.

Future outlook: Martoff was built to last, and will be around for a while, with propper maintanence and a good power source, he could probably last a few thousand years.

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