Name: Mike

Age: 25

Based roughly off of: Captain Maim

Physical Description: Mike is a tall but scrawny person, almost looking malnourished. His facial features are dominated by large glasses that cover most of his expressions and overshadow his small nose and well groomed brown hair. He wears a solid light blue shirt, with blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Biography: Mike is a native of Phoenix, with a mostly normal childhood. He grew up with Jim, and both have been best friends for quite some time. While slightly older then Jim, his fun loving nature, and small bit of craziness didn't let age make much of a difference. Both of them love computers, and as such, they greatly enjoy playing computer games with each other. However, an almost unhealthy obsession with tinkering has seperated Mike from Jim, as Mike has developed a constant desire to make new inventions. This eventually led to him being hired by the government as a free lance weapon designer, they even built a secret labratory under his house so he could tinker with new designs in the safety and comfort of his own home.
Because of secracy, Mike is not allowed to tell Jim about the secret lab, or anyone at all for that matter, and it is often frustrating to him that the only people he can show off his latest work to is a stuffy old general from the pentagon. But still, Mike enjoys what he does, and especially loves live fire tests when he gets to blow up tanks to impress military brass.

Future outlook: Barring Mike doesn't accidentally blow himself up, he should be in the comic for some time, and offer a fun loving slightly crazy inventor character in the story.

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