Art for other people

I made this comic for Prof Paradox as part of the 2005 Secret Santa Comic Exchange.

I made this comic for The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon. It was made to help raise money for Hurricane Katrina victoms in New Orleans. During the telethon donations where taken for the Red Cross, and the comic was included in Telethon Book, all proceeds went to the Red Cross. I'm proud to say the whole telethon raised almost $30,000 for the Red Cross.

I made this piece of fan art for F@NBOY$. It is a picture of one of his main characters, Lemmy, who is a Nintendo Fanboy. I thought I'd make him look cool with some sunglasses and wielding akimbo NES light guns.

The folloiwng two pieces of art where also made for F@NBOY$:

I made this bit of art for Parallel Dementia as part of the 2006 Secret Santa Comic Exchange.

I made this bit of art for Aarin's Desk as part of the 2007 April Fool's Day Exchange.

I made this for Prepare to Die As part of the 2007 [i] Secret Santa Exchange.

I made this for NSTA when K. Norris needed to take a bit of a vacation. Had a little fun with some Portal turret humor taking over a giant death dealing laser satellite... fun!

I made this for Dino vs Robot for the [i] 2008 April Fool's Day Exchange:

For the same exchange I also made this one for Indifferently Evil because he kinda got left out on accident, and I felt bad for him...

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