Name: Narrator

Age: Unkown

Based roughly off of: A Narrator

Physical Description: The Narrator really doesn't have a physical appearance, in fact as far as anyone knows, he doesn't even have a physical body. The only thing we ever see is a white box with his words of wisdom (or lack therof) inside, while all the characters hear is a voice coming out of nowhere.

Biography: Who the Narrator is, and why he has decided to mysteriously follow Jim around, nobody knows. Rumor has it, he's some bored ghost who used to be a sports anouncer, or a movie narrator. But really he could be anything.

Future outlook: The narrator goes wherever Jim goes, but how much he talks really depends on him, sometimes he'll never shut up, and sometimes you might forget he's following Jim around. Just depends on when he thinks his narration would be useful.

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