Name: Nigel the Zombie

Age: 72 years old, 13 months dead

Based roughly off of: A zombie RP'er from Ubrandead

Physical Description: Nigel is, of course, an undead zombie. His green rotting flesh is a big give away, and of course there's his tattered old dress shirt and pants. Distinquishing himself from other zombies is his monocle and top hat, as well as his love of dancing.

Biography: Nigel was a British Aristocrat who enjoyed vacationing in the states. He decided he loved it so much at his favorite classy Arizona Resort that he wanted to be burried nearby, and so when he finally croaked, his children followed their father's wishes and buried the old man in a cemetary in Phoenix. Unexpectedly to all, he somehow managed to rise from the dead, and even more mysteriously, unlike his mindless zombie kin, Nigel retains some of his memories and human like thinking.

When Nigel was younger, he had a deep love of music, and although an ackward lad, he loved to dance. As an undead zombie, he still continues his love for dance. He also has retained his love for fine cuisine, although his tastes have altered a bit.
Future outlook: Nigel is already dead, so it's pretty hard to kill someone who has already died once. Expect him to be around for a while, especially since at the moment he lives in Mike's Lab.

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