Name: Owen

Age: 29

Based roughly off of: Trump_Card

Physical Description: Owen is a tall, large, round man. He has thick uncontrollable dark brown hair, and an unkept mustache and beard. He has a large, round nose, and big buldging eyes. He wears a grey shirt, with dark blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Biography: Owen is a native to Arizona with a fairly normal childhood. He is a supervisor for WalGrey's, where he has worked for 5 years. He does not know much about pharmacy work, he just knows how to keep the pharmacy techs working. While this may be an unpopular position, he does attempt to ease the work by making jokes to keep the mood at work light (although him trying to tell a joke is often times more funny then the joke it's self).

Future outlook: Owen will be around any time Jim is at work, that's generally about the only place you will find them two together, and so Owen will only have a small role in the comic.

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