Name: Lieutenant Spork

Age: 29 cycles

Based roughly off of: Black Liger

Physical Description: Spork is a Kramonian citizen with green skin, and long tentacles. With large eyes and the blue uniform of the Kramonian Navy, his rank of lieutenant is clearly marked by the red diamond pinned on his uniform.

Biography: Spork is a lower class citizen who grew up on Kramonia, capitol planet of the Kramonian empire. While his family where fairly typical middle class people, the lure of very high pay persuaded him to join the navy and volunteer for the very risky procedure of having a cybernetic implant. His brain is connected via implant to his battle wedge, The Valliance, which is the flagship of Kramonian Fleet 431. He has served under Captain Berk for 9 cycles, and through his captains large amount of ineptitude has become the real leader of fleet 431.

Future outlook: While suffering a loss at the first Battle of Sol, Spork's fleet is building and preparing for a counter attack in the near future. Expect to see him and his alien friends off and on as they attempt to take control of earth.

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